Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is made from strong, light and elastic materials which make transporting easier since the form factor is more compact. Flexible packaging also contains customized protection layer to give your product extra durability.

Does VODA INDONESIA pack my products as well?

No, we do not pack your products. We produce and send your packaging to to be taken to the next production stage.

Does VODA INDONESIA accept custom orders?

Yes, of course! VODA INDONESIA is equipped with a research and development lab to make sure your custom needs are fulfilled.

Does VODA INDONESIA provide packaging design service?

No. VODA INDONESIA processes and manufactures your design and delivers you the final product.

Are the materials VODA INDONESIA use food grade and BPA Free?

Yes. VODA INDONESIA takes product health and safety very seriously, your product is food grade and BPA free guaranteed.

How long does it take to produce a packaging?

Our production time varies depending on your specification and materials, but it usually takes 4-5 weeks from the moment the prototype is approved.

Does VODA INDONESIA create prototype for my order?

Yes, certainly! Before the manufacturing process begins we make a prototype and send it to you for approval and standardization.

In what production stage does VODA INDONESIA do Quality Control?

VODA INDONESIA applies Quality Control since the prototyping stage up to the final product to make sure you have only the best quality packaging.

What information do I need to provide to get the best deal from VODA INDONESIA?

To give you the proper proposal that suits your needs we require detailed information about your product type, packaging shape, size and quantity of your order. Please go to the form below to fill your information and we will come back to you shortly.

How do I deliver my design file?

You can send your design file through our email or send it in a flash drive to the address on this page.

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