About Us

VODA INDONESIA is an Innovative Flexible Packaging Solution who provides your plastic packaging and product labels for large industries, medium and even home industries.

Voda has been producing the best packaging products not only for leading companies, but also SMEs in Indonesia since 2008.



General Manager

Better packaging means better & more reliable product.


We can’t deny that in this industrial era packaging has become much more than just a shell for a product, but also the one thing that builds the trust when customer makes a decision in choosing a product.

We realize how the market has changed, therefor we keep on developing many packaging design solution supported by the best quality control & research team to produce a sustainable high quality, fully customizable packaging that suit you needs. In the middle of 2020 VODA INDONESIA established a new factory in Kediri – East Java to expand our production capacity and reach.

PT. VODA INDONESIA, the solution for a better & more inovative packaging!

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